About Realpens

What is a Real Pen? If it doesn't suck ink from a bottle, it's not a real pen®. Realpens deals almost exclusively in fountain pens. Of course, you don't want to buy a pen which will leak in your pocket or look pretty but doesn't handle or write well. All of the pens we sell (except for select really cool pens) are Real Pens. Not just Real Pens, but pens you can use every day. I own and use almost every kind of pen we sell (don't worry, any pen you purchase will be factory fresh). This isn't just a business; it's a passion.

Why buy from Realpens? The staff at is passionate about fountain pens. We collect vintage pens ourselves. Every pen is opened and checked before it is shipped and our card is inserted under the clip as proof that we will not ship a pen that we would not proudly own ourselves. We return several pens a year to our vendors, but the return rate to us is almost nil. Except where noted, Realpens is an authorized dealer for all pens listed on this site.

What is that strange box that comes up when I want to send you an email? To help Carnegie Mellon University digitize books, newspapers, and old time radio shows, we use reCaptcha to protect our email address.

Why don't we list an address? Our only presence is on the Internet; we do not have a brick and mortar store but sell from my home. If people showed up at our door, they wouldn't find any pens on display. When you are ready to buy, we will give you our address so that you can mail your payment information to us if you wish. We have nothing to hide but enjoy our privacy as much as you do.

If you visit a store to look at and try out pens, you should buy from that store as a matter of courtesy. If you cannot locate a pen anywhere else, ask us, we may be able to locate one using our global contacts.

"Realpens," "If it doesn't suck ink from a bottle, it's not a real pen" and the 'smiling pen' are registered trademarks of Realpens and may not be used without written permission. Contents of this site copyright 1999 - 2009 by Realpens


Download a free Realpens poster for your wall. Available in English and Italian, it will print on 8.5x11" or A4 paper.